Want to freshen up your home? One way to get your house effectively cleaned is with a pressure wash. A powerful spray of water combined with potent washing agents can provide you with the deep clean you’re looking for. Pressure washing is recommended for exterior surfaces, which means that places like your driveway and wood deck are perfect candidates. For more areas that are pressure wash approved, continue reading!

Brick and Concrete

When the rainy season hits, it’s more common to see growth of mold and mildew around your house. The moisture on the ground can spur growths between the cracks of your brick or concrete, leaving behind unwanted green and black spots. Fortunately, a pressure wash can fix that. On a low powered setting, a jet of water and cleaning solution can remove the spores and prevent them from growing back quickly.

Vinyl Siding

Even the cleanest vinyl siding gets dirty after a while. If there are layers of dirt and mildew forming on the surface, you can use a pressure washing machine for an easy removal process. Working from the top of the siding to the bottom, the hot water will wash away any dirt and grime. Just be cautious that the water doesn’t spray into any door or windows, as this may cause your interior to get wet too.


Do you have a wood deck or patio cover? These outdoor places will need to be cleaned every so often, especially to preserve the appearance of the wood. However, it’s important to work with a test area before spraying. You don’t want to damage the wood with a high-powered stream. Adjust the nozzle to control the pressure, which will allow you to turn the psi up or down.


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