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Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Just as the inside of your home needs cleaning, so does the outside. Certain areas around your house, such as the driveway, can be an entire cleaning project you might not be prepared for. However, when you hire the right pressure washing company, you won’t have to worry about the cleaning process (or the cleanup afterwards). Read more about reasons why you should have your driveway and other parts of your property pressure washed by a pro.

Keep Weeds & Cracks at Bay

Have you seen pavement cracks in your driveway? When this happens, dirt and debris fill the spaces between the cracks. If the gaps are large enough, weeds can grow and spread. Letting these tiny plants invade your cracks can also lead to more damage, racking up costs for repairs. By scheduling a pressure washing service, you can properly maintain your driveway and keep the weeds and cracks at bay.

Increase Property Value

Searching for an easy way to increase your property value? Consider a quick pressure wash. For homeowners looking to sell, it’s important to make a good impression for a potential buyer. Having a clean driveway can help with that. You can see the difference a pressure wash makes by removing stains, dirt, and oil.

Prevent Wear on Concrete & Asphalt

Constantly driving on and off your driveway can eventually lead to dirt and oil spots. These unwanted marks are quite noticeable on a concrete or asphalt driveway. Fortunately, a high powered washer with the right temperature and cleaning solution can remove spots and stains. It’s a fairly easy process for a professional, so call on them to get the job done right.


Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC is your premier pressure washing company in St. Johns and surrounding cities. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are here to help customers like you successfully clean your driveway, siding, pool deck, and more.

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“Time to Shine!”

Benefits of Sealing Your Pool Deck

If you are a pool owner, you understand the importance of caring for your pool as well as the deck surrounding it! A neglected deck can lead to an unsightly view along with other costly repairs that can be prevented with a sealer. When you seal a deck, it helps you keep it clean and new. Read along as we discuss the many benefits of sealing a pool deck.


Decks come in a variety of colors and looks. From the typical concrete, to pavers or natural stone, they all benefit from a sealing service. A layer of sealer can make your pool deck look more appealing, as it has the ability to enhance the colors of a decoratively stained surface. There are also different gloss levels to choose from based on your desired look that give your sealed deck that luxurious touch. Not only would benefit from having a nice looking deck, but the value of your property would also increase with such investments.

Stain Protection

A sealed deck is less susceptible to staining. Food, drinks, and pets can cause stains to the surface that cannot be scrubbed off. The right sealer will keep all of these elements from penetrating the surface your concrete and prevent any unsightly stains.

Prevent Damage

If you live in an area with cold climates or areas where moisture is always present, sealing your deck will significantly reduce the chance of damage such as freeze thaw damage, mold, and mildew. Freeze thaw damage occurs during cold seasons and causes cracks or surface flaking, caused by water penetrating surfaces that expand as the water freezes. Mold and mildew can develop in decks that are always exposed to moisture. A sealer stops these from developing, while enhancing slip-resistance and deck safety.

Overall, a sealer will enhance and protect your pool deck. Here at Oceantime Pressure Washing, we do it all! From pressure washing, to sanding and sealing you can trust in our team of experts to provide your home with the care that it needs. Learn more about us by visiting our website.

Best Way to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

It’s only natural for outdoor furniture to accumulate dirt, stains, and bugs over time. With summer still in full swing it’s not too late to wash it all away so that your outside space feels more relaxing and inviting. Follow along below as we reveal the best way to clean your outdoor furniture.


Before we can jump into cleaning, we have to prepare a workspace and gather some essential tools. You will need plenty of outdoor space to work with and should cover anything nearby that can’t get wet. The tools you will need  are:

  1. Pressure Washer
  2. Bucket Filled With Warm Water
  3. Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner (depending on the cushion’s material)

Strip the furniture of its cushions and strip the cushions of their covers. Allow the covers to soak in the bucket of warm water while you proceed to the next step.

Pressure Wash

If you have the tools and experience needed to work with a pressure washer then continue reading, if not pause here and hire a professional.

If you decide to do this step yourself, first start by bringing the furniture into the workspace and tipping it over so that its legs are pointed to the sky, if possible. Turn the pressure washer on and from a few feet away begin spraying the furniture down from the top (legs) down. Flip it right side up and again spray it down from the top down. Repeat as needed and allow everything to air dry afterward.


Remove the cushion covers from the bucket and gently wring out the water. If they are heavily soiled you may want to repeat the soaking process once or twice more and use the heavy duty fabric cleaner to help with stubborn spots and stains. Let the cushion covers to air dry afterward as well, but always be sure to double check the label for specific instructions.


Keeping your favorite outdoor hangout space clean doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming when working with the right tools. The team at Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC will help you clean the outside of your home for a great rate, call us today!

What Parts of Your House Can Be Pressure Washed?

Want to freshen up your home? One way to get your house effectively cleaned is with a pressure wash. A powerful spray of water combined with potent washing agents can provide you with the deep clean you’re looking for. Pressure washing is recommended for exterior surfaces, which means that places like your driveway and wood deck are perfect candidates. For more areas that are pressure wash approved, continue reading!

Brick and Concrete

When the rainy season hits, it’s more common to see growth of mold and mildew around your house. The moisture on the ground can spur growths between the cracks of your brick or concrete, leaving behind unwanted green and black spots. Fortunately, a pressure wash can fix that. On a low powered setting, a jet of water and cleaning solution can remove the spores and prevent them from growing back quickly.

Vinyl Siding

Even the cleanest vinyl siding gets dirty after a while. If there are layers of dirt and mildew forming on the surface, you can use a pressure washing machine for an easy removal process. Working from the top of the siding to the bottom, the hot water will wash away any dirt and grime. Just be cautious that the water doesn’t spray into any door or windows, as this may cause your interior to get wet too.


Do you have a wood deck or patio cover? These outdoor places will need to be cleaned every so often, especially to preserve the appearance of the wood. However, it’s important to work with a test area before spraying. You don’t want to damage the wood with a high-powered stream. Adjust the nozzle to control the pressure, which will allow you to turn the psi up or down.


At Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC, we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality results. Our professionals are here to assist you with your pressure washing needs. If you have any questions about our services, we’re happy to help. Contact us at (904)-994-0045 or visit our website today!

Frequently Asked Power Washing Questions

When it comes to the subject of power washing, most of us have heard of it but don’t quite know about the details behind it. Whether you need it yourself or are merely just curious about what it is, there are a lot of common questions that come up on the topic of professional power washing. In the following post, you can find the most frequently asked questions about power washing and find out the answers behind them.

What is Power Washing? :

The most frequently asked question is one that most people could probably guess, because understanding what power washing is in general is relatively important when it comes to deciding if it serves your needs. Power washing is the use of a high powered stream of hot water to remove stains or thick dirt in many outdoor settings. It successfully washes away everything from salt, mildew and mold from any surface.

When is it Smart to Use? :

There are many different instances that usually call for a power wash to ensure a difficult stain or buildup gets cleaned. Grease stains of any kind in driveways or garages are best cleaned by a solid power wash, along with mold or mildew buildup on outdoor patios and decks, which is important to guarantee health standards. In terms of public works, power washing is often used to remove chewing gum and trash stuck on public sidewalks in order to maintain public cleanliness.

How Does it Differ from Standard Washing? :

Whether it is hand washing or regular hose washing at normal pressure, there is just nothing that quite compares to power washing in terms of effectiveness and reliability. The standard pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure generated by a standard hose is between 40-60; by comparison, a standard power washer generates between 1,300-1,700 PSI, which speaks for itself as to how much more effective a good power cleaning can truly be.


Regardless of what your needs may be when it comes to cleaning anything from your patio to your deck or garage, there is nothing that quite compares to a power washer to get the job done right. Now that these basic questions are answered, the professionals over at Oceantime Pressure Washing are excited to come and provide you with the amazing results that only a great power washer can provide.

3 Ways Pressure Washing Can Increase Your Home’s Value

For home owners, the most common problem is the upkeep of gutters, roofs, and other parts of the home that are hard to clean. Luckily for you, the hardships of clearing away debris and dirt can be taken care of by scheduling a pressure washing service. With professional pressure washing equipment, the high-pressured water (with a combination of other chemicals), can prevent build-up of mold and other harmful particles that may be affecting the exterior of your home. Keep reading to find out how pressure washing can increase your home’s value and save you tons of money in the future!

Prevent Mold and Build-Up

One of the key benefits of pressure washing is removing harmful material from the exterior of your home. Over time, siding and shingles can become host to a variety of harmful growths such as algae, mold, and mildew. In all exterior surfaces, but especially materials such as limestone shingles, the buildup can cause damage when left untreated.
(Did you know: mold is the leading cause of roof decay!)
Regular washing can extend the life of your siding and roofing, saving you costly repairs and replacements down the line. The National Association of Realtors claims that a pressure wash can add $10,000-$15,000 value to your home, should you decide to sell. This simple routine maintenance can net you significant gains on the housing market.

Keep Gutters Functional

When your gutters become clogged with dirt and debris, water cannot flow away from your home; this may cause problems with the exterior of your walls, as the water saturates the outside over time. If water is affecting your walls, the overall integrity of your home could possibly be in danger, but don’t fret!

With a little preventative treatment, you can potentially save yourself from numerous problems- such as damaged door trimmings and leaky basements. Better to save yourself the headache and potentially thousands of dollars with a pressure washing cleaning!

Identify Maintenance Needs

When your home is treated with pressure washing, it may help you identify and get ahead of maintenance issues before they become big problems. Cleaning away dirt and debris from your home may expose a number of unknown areas for improvement.

By power washing the house, you can take note of any loose, cracked, or missing siding as well. Fixing issues that may be uncovered during a pressure wash can help maintain the exterior integrity of your home and prevent further structural damage. Ensure your home is free of rot, decay, and premature aging by treating it to a routine clean!


All in all, pressure washing can be a preventative measure to keep your home exterior clean and maintain your home’s value for years to come. With a simple maintenance cleaning, your roof, shingles, gutters, and more can be free from debris and other particles which build up over time. In addition, it can increase the value of any home, especially if you ever decide to sell.

For your next professional power washing service, we recommend calling the team at Oceanside Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning LLC today!

When and Why Should You Wash Your Driveway?

From enticing guests and visitors to improving property values, a clean and proper home exterior can provide a number of different benefits. There’s a reason real estate professionals focus so heavily on curb appeal after all! Of course, when it comes to your home’s exterior, there’s more to consider than just your outer walls. Your driveway, for example, makes up quite a bit of your home’s outermost appearance!

Naturally, your driveway is going to need some special attention in order to shine like the rest of your home. That’s where pressure washing can make quite the difference! But what exactly sets apart pressurized cleaning from the much simpler process of hosing down your lot?

Why Pressure Wash?

Day after day, our driveways are left vulnerable to a myriad of different kinds of dirt, debris, oils, and grime. And while sweeping and hitting your lot with a hose can surely help, it’s by no means an end-all fix. This is because the grime that graces our properties’ presence is slightly acidic, resulting in microscopic cracks on the surface of your lot that are near impossible to treat with household items alone. And even more unfortunately, the chemicals that usually help alleviate these deeply penetrating substances can usually discolor or warp your driveway’s asphalt.

Pressure washing, on the other hand, applies all of the strength your driveway needs without resorting to harmful chemicals. This means a clean that penetrates into those microscopic cracks and tears away years of pressed in dirt and algae in a matter of minutes without jeopardizing your exterior’s appearance!

When Should You Pressure Wash?

While a pressure washing is never really a bad idea, there are certain opportunities that, if taken advantage of, can see more of a return on your investment. If you plan on selling your home, to make an example, pressure washing your driveway before hosting your open houses can entice more buyers to pay a visit.

Spring can also be a perfect opportunity for those looking to keep their home protected during the season where algae and mold growth is more common and widespread.


It’s no surprise that cleaning your home is a smart way of increasing your home’s appeal and inherent worth. However, with the right timing and strategy, even a simple clean can net you quite a number of extra worthwhile benefits!