With great power comes great responsibility, and it’s true for pressure washing too. Inappropriately wielding the power of pressure washers can damage many surfaces. To make maximum use of pressure washing, it’s important to know which settings are appropriate for these powerful blasts of water. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

Old or rotting wood

This one is straightforward, as it’s easy to see that brittle pieces of wood can crumble under even a little bit of pressure. Decks made of soft wood should be washed gently, as opposed to the decks made of strong wood, which can take high-speed pressure washing. Old walls and wooden fences cannot often handle the strength of a jet of pressure washers and should be treated delicately. With the right surface, pressure washing leaves a pristinely clean look, but with weak surfaces, the water can easily gouge and leave unsightly narrow streaks.

Cloth or woven surfaces

Although many types of outdoor furniture can take on powerful blasts of water, and be restored to their sparkling selves, not all are as strong. Cabana curtains, as sturdy as they look, are a good example. When those stains or marks on certain upholstered surfaces are bothersome, it’s key to remember how strong they are. Certain tarps and outdoor materials are not sturdy enough to withstand the jet of water and can become torn or frayed as a result. Rolling up those fabrics and cleaning them gently is the remedy for such soft textures.

Thin glass

Pressure washing does a superb job in cleaning many windows and panels, but that doesn’t mean all glass is made equal. When pressure washing those wicker wood and metal surfaces on the patio, it can be easy to come across a glass decoration or two, but many glass coffee tables don’t have the structural integrity that can endure heavy jets of water. Removing such furniture from the to-be-cleaned site is crucial for expediting an effective and safe pressure washing session.


Without the knowledge of which materials are okay for pressure washing, the result can be disastrous. However, experts are experts! If you have any concerns about your pressure washing needs, simply give Oceanside Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning a call. Getting those grimy areas squeaky clean can be done before you know it.