Paper towels and glass cleaner spray are no match for exterior windows caked with years of dirt and grime. Whether your property is one story or several, proper window cleaning can’t be achieved in a timely matter without use of the proper tools.

Power Washer

When it comes to cleaning exterior windows a power washer is hardly optional. Power washing does more than just simple cleaning; it takes away the dirt and grime in the narrowest of cracks for an ultra-deep clean. This tool will not only help you achieve the deepest clean, but the fastest too!

Spot-Resistant Cleaner

Don’t go through the trouble of blasting away the dirt and grime from your windows to be left with unsightly water spots. Invest in a window cleaner that will provide and maintain a spot free finish for your windows. Certain cleaners will even work to help prevent windows from accumulating dust and dirt in the near future.

Sponges and Towels

The kind of sponges and towels used to clean exterior windows could not be more different than ones used to clean dishes. Besides being significantly larger, the best sponges and towels used for cleaning windows are made using soft, microfiber, and lint free materials. These are to be used alongside the spot-resistant cleaner as a final step in achieving remarkably clean windows.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning exterior windows is undoubtedly a huge undertaking for even a single story building. When not equipped with the time and tools needed to effectively clean the windows on your property, call in the experts from Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC for professional help.