When the exterior of your home and other outdoor items need a good quality clean, there’s no better way to get the job done than with a pressure wash or a soft washing service. This process involves certain tools, skills, and products in order to be effective and also safe on various surfaces. Follow along below as we compare pressure washing and soft washing and the surfaces they clean.

How They Work

Pressure Washing: A pressure washer can clean countless exterior surfaces simply with an extreme amount of pressure. This pressure is so significant that it can cause injury and damage to some surfaces that aren’t strong enough to withstand its force.

Soft Washing: Pressure washers are also used to soft wash items, but the difference is the water pressure greatly reduced, the tip is switched for one that widens the spray, and certain chemicals are added to help break down organic matter and dirt.

Surfaces They Clean

Pressure Washing: Pressure washing is ideal for cleaning roofs, decks, stones pathways and some types of siding. Essentially any hard exterior surface that easily traps dirt could benefit from a power wash.

Soft Washing: Soft washing is ideal for cleaning fences, siding, wood furniture, stucco, screens, vinyl and more. Due to the fact that soft washing is often done on surfaces with living organisms on them the solutions used are always eco-friendly and safe to use around the home.

Final Thoughts

While pressure washing and soft washing may seem similar, they are truly very unique from one another and are used for varying purposes. When you aren’t equipped with the time, tools, or experience needed to safely and effectively soft or pressure wash your home call on the experts at Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC in St Johns, FL.