Gutters are vital for homeowners wanting to protect their house from weather damage, mold, or something even worse. Homeowners need to know how often they need to clean their gutters to maintain and preserve their house’s lifespan. Gutters need to be cleaned six times throughout the year and preferably three times during autumn. Nonetheless, location can be a significant factor in cleaning a home’s gutters. Here are some insights into how often the drain needs to during each season.


Before clearing out any debris, homeowners need to know where they live to determine how exactly to clean. A house in Southern California needs to have its gutters elevated every summer season, while a Connecticut house might look toward the beginning of autumn. Therefore, homeowners should look into reoccurring weather disturbances that will affect their homes.

End of Winter

If a homeowner lives in a dominantly cold-weather state, they must acknowledge cleaning the gutters even if it has not rained or been windy. The end of winter can bring many detritus such as branches, leaves, and sticks that channel into the gutters as ice melts. Homeowners should clean at least once near the end of winter and reinforce their gutters, such as resealing the gutters.


Spring is the time of year where everything is blooming, ripening, and becoming fresh. Also, it the time when pollen, traveling leaves, and more debris may be flying in the air. These can easily fall and collect in a gutter, creating an accumulation of mess.  It is advisable to clean the clutters once spring ends.


Southern states may find this cleaning more relevant due to the severity of summer thunderstorms. Most of the time, these violent storms pull off leaves that land inside gutters and roofs—homeowners cleaning the gutters somewhere around Labor Day.


Autumn is the most devilish time of the year for homeowners because leaves are falling in large quantities. Autumn is a spectacular time with color-changing leaves and calm winds blowing in the air; however, autumn can make an excessive amount of detritus in gutters. Homeowners need to clean their channels in the beginning, middle, and end of fall. The end of fall is usually the time before it starts to snow.


The worst time to clean gutters is when the snow has accumulated, and there is a frozen pile of dirt, debris, and whatever in the trenches. Cleaning them out can also cause injuries during this time.


Knowing when to clean the gutters may seem like a burdensome task, but it helps keep houses looking fresh and stay durable. However, if you don’t have the time to clean your gutters or want them done professionally, you need to call Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC. We clean your gutters fast and at an affordable price with our pressure washing. Also, we can get rid of any mold, algae, or mildew that is building up on your roof and gutters. Check us out at our website.