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4 Types of Fungi that Can Grow on Your Roof

While you may believe that you are the only one living in your house, there may be some microscopic creatures making a home above your head. Roofs are the perfect place for fungi to live due to the damp and humid conditions, and leaving these organisms on your roof can have disastrous consequences. The best thing you can do is keep an eye out, and as soon as you spot it, you can get it removed to save your roof from further damage. But how do you know what to watch out for? This blog post will go over the 4 types of fungi that you might see growing on your roof.


Algae is a living organism that feeds off the limestone filler in shingles. Once the spores land on a moist area, they quickly spread and devour the roof. Algae is black-green in color and it loves to grow on damp, humid areas like roofs and gutters.

Algae eats away at shingles, taking years off the life of your roofing; you’ll have to get it replaced sooner rather than later, which can cost $10,000 or more. Not only that, but algae can also increase your electricity bills. Since the growth of algae covers the roof, the shingles aren’t able to effectively block UV rays, thus heating up the interior and forcing your A/C unit to work overtime. As soon as you notice algae on your roof, you have to act, as it can cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t get rid of it immediately.


Moss is distinguished by its fuzzy texture and vibrant green color. Some homeowners like the appearance of moss on their roof and keep it there for aesthetic reasons; however, the quaint forest cottage look comes at a risk – as moss can be detrimental to your roof.

Moss is attracted to damp, low-sunlit areas and contains moisture that can seep into shingles, causing roof rot. A rotting roof has poor structural integrity, leading to a flood of other issues. If you like the look of moss and know how to properly maintain it, moss can be a great addition to the roof of your home. But, if you dislike the look, getting it removed is the best option.


Mold is the most problematic fungi on this list. Not only is it ugly, but it can actually cause severe health problems, such as allergies, asthma, and other respiration issues. This organism is characterized by a slimy appearance and rancid smell. It can be brown or dark green in color, but black mold is the most hazardous.

Mold grows on moist wood and drywall, so roofing is the perfect place for it to grow. Once mold finds a home on your roof, it spreads fast. A roof leak can cause it to get inside of your home, and then circulate through the HVAC system. It also eats away at the structural integrity of your house, and simply the presence of mold decreases the value of your property. If you notice mold growing anywhere in your home, make sure you contact licensed professionals right away to remove it.


Mildew has a powdery texture and can be light gray, black, or even pink. It loves warm, wet areas and especially grows on roofs with poor drainage. Mildew is known for spreading extremely fast, and it can be incredibly unsafe if you let it grow and fester.

Just like mold, mildew is a serious health hazard. Breathing it in for prolonged periods of time is dangerous, especially to those with asthma or other respiratory problems. Not cleaning your roof puts your family’s health at risk; make sure that you call the professionals right away as soon as you notice mildew growing on your home.


Algae, moss, mold, and mildew thrive in moist, humid areas. While there are ways to prevent them from growing, the absolute best way to stop them from spreading is by getting your roof cleaned regularly. At Oceanside Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, we offer quick and affordable pressure washing services to keep your roof fungus-free! With our pressure washing services, you’ll keep your home clean and your family healthy!

What You Should and Shouldn’t Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is an effective tool, but using it on the wrong things can lead to irreversible damage. Yes, your goal is to save time and effort, but without proper knowledge about what you should and shouldn’t pressure wash, you might have to add on to that time and effort, along with costs. That’s why we’re going to give you the details on what passes as safe to pressure wash and what to avoid in our blog.


Do clean the deck. Many decks are made from South American hardwoods, which can hold their own against a blast of hot water. We recommend holding the nozzle at a fair distance from the wood because, while they may be pressure-treated, the blast can still cause etchings or markings.


Don’t pressure wash the roof. The blowback could throw you off balance if you’re perched on a ladder; you could hurt yourself. This is a job for professionals. It’s also important to note that roof or asphalt shingles will be stripped away. An alternative to cleaning would be to spray down the roof with a cleaner which kills mold and moss.


Do clean your gutters. Now you might be wondering, why are gutters okay but not the roof? With pressure washers, you can attach a hook-like tube to the nozzle and raise it over the gutters as you’re standing on the ground (imagine a cane). This is safer and still gets to the deepest parts of the gutters.


Do pressure wash your driveway. Because it’s concrete, it can withstand the pressure; the same goes for walkways or sidewalks. We suggest using a finer nozzle for grease stains, but lower pressure for moldy cement.


Don’t clean your car with a pressure washer. While you might’ve seen people use one for their vehicles, the effects from this cleaning method are harmful. Why? The paint could potentially rust. Save yourself the time and effort with a drive-thru car wash!


Picking up a pressure washer is easy, but it’s always better to handle a task with a bit of knowledge. We highly encourage you to contact a professional pressure washing company that will get the job done and produce satisfying results. Don’t give yourself more work than you need to – practice smart cleaning habits!

How Professional Roof Cleaning Offers Huge Benefits

When it comes to the upkeep of your home, one of the most neglected areas happens to be the roof. Maybe you just assume any rain will wash away any rubbish, sort of like when you think driving in the rain will keep your car clean.

But just like when the rain washes off and all that dirt on your car remains, this is not the right solution. Not only that, but if you fail to clean your roof, bacteria, moss, or algae may start to grow on it, shortening the lifespan of your roof as they eat their way through the shingles.

What you’re left with is a blemished roof that the entire neighborhood can see which will reflect back on your as a homeowner. This is one of the major reasons why curb appeal is such a large factor when looking at how to improve the resale value of one’s residence, and why a professional roof cleaning service is in your best interests!

How Dark Stains on the Roof Impact Your Home

Have you started to notice dark stains appearing on your roof? As we talked about before, this can really diminish the beauty of what would otherwise be a beautiful home and everything that surrounds it. These blotches are actually organisms that can grow on your roof, take root in the shingles, and negatively impact its look and function.

Since the shingles lose their protective sheens, your roof’s lifespan can be shortened greatly depending on how long the bacteria thrive there. You may also experience higher utility bills; the darkened effect caused by roof stains can trap any excess heat under the roof by as much as 25 degrees, making the occupants feel compelled to crank the air conditioner.

Professional Roof Cleaning Is the Solution

Fortunately, you will be able to take care of this problem without having to endure any damage to the roof’s integrity. Not only is a professional roof cleaning service fast and safe, but it’s also a very affordable way to get the outcome you desire!

With the help of a certified specialist, they will be able to wipe away all those bacteria and algae stains and restore your roof back to its original condition. Through the use of commercial-grade products, your roof will be cleaned away without causing any harm to come to it.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a home that will go through a dramatic improvement in beauty and functionality. Find out for yourself by contacting a professional roof cleaning service today!