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10 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is an extremely useful way to maintain your home. However, it is a tool that must be used correctly, or you’ll actually end up causing damage which will cost you money. Here are a few items that should never be pressure washed.

  • Under Your Car’s Hood

The pressure from the water could easily disconnect wires under your hood or force water into places it shouldn’t be. The force of the water may actually clean areas that you don’t want to clean; removing lubricants that are needed for the car to function properly.

  • Car Exteriors

A pressure washer is strong enough to chip paint and dull your car’s finish. Some may even be strong enough to put tiny dents in your car. In this case, using a pressure washer can be overkill for your car’s exterior. A water hose or car wash is the best choice.

  • Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs cannot withstand the strong jet of a pressure washer. The granules are easily knocked off, leaving your roof compromised and susceptible to damage.

  • Electrical Meters and Panels

It’s best to be on the safe side and not blast electrical panels or other components with water, even if they are on the outside of your home. The force of rain is much less than that of a pressure washer.

  • Stained Wood

If you are preparing to re-stain wood, then a pressure washer is great. However, if you want the item to remain stained, you should avoid using a power washer or let a professional pressure washer handle the job.

  • Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is a very lightweight metal and dents extremely easily. Pressure washing aluminum siding can lead to unsightly dents in your home’s exterior. Some professionals may be able to handle an aluminum siding project, but it can be a tricky task for a DIYer to undertake.

  • Lead Paint

If your home was built before 1978, there’s a possibility its paint may contain lead which is an environmental hazard. You don’t want lead filled dust flying into the air, and you definitely don’t want it to leech into your soil where it can contaminant water sources. You’ll need to get your exterior paint tested by a professional to find out if it contains lead or not.

  • Crumbling Brick or Mortar

In most cases, brick and mortar can be pressure washed just fine. However, if it is in bad condition with sections easily crumbling and falling off, pressure washing will just weaken its structure further.

  • Shingle Siding

Shingle siding is much too delicate for pressure washing. The flow of water can rip shingles right from the surface.

  • Any Living Thing

Pressure washers can provide 30-80 times the intensity of pressure you would get from your standard garden hose.

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to pressure wash a surface such as what intensity of pressure to use and even which type of spray nozzle attachment is best. Let the professionals at Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC take care of your heavy duty cleaning jobs without causing damage. Visit us online to find out more.

Top 3 Uses for Pressure Washers

When it comes to some of life’s toughest cleaning jobs, sometimes a cloth and soap simply won’t do. You’ll need a powerful piece of machinery that is guaranteed to get the job done. More and more, we are seeing pressure washers rise in popularity. With their high performance and ease of use, it’s not hard to see why. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 most popular uses for pressure washers. Now you can give up the shammie and go with the heavy artillery.


Bring your home back to life with pressure washing. Is your home losing the luster that it once had? Are scrapes and smudges visible on its vinyl or brick exterior? If this is the case, then a pressure washer is just the tool you need! With these handy tools on your side, your home no longer has to bear these scars. Regular washes will keep it looking like new for years and years to come.


Is your concrete driveway or sidewalk covered with unwanted oil stains and other blemishes? These heavy-duty devices are strong enough to remove the

Pressure wash that pavement.

most unsightly stains from a variety of surfaces including yours. Now those grease and oil stains can be things of the past.


For a thorough shine, utilize a pressure washer. If your vehicle looks like it’s taken a hard drive through the Tundra, pressure washers are an extremely helpful instrument. They can blast your car clean in half the time it would take to hand wash with a bucket of soapy water. So what sounds better, scrubbing until your arms fall off or obliterating dirt with one pull of the trigger? We thought so!


While the old-fashioned way of cleaning works and always will, it’s time to step into the present. With continued advancements in pressure washing technology, cleaning all of your filthiest surfaces and vehicles will be made simple. If you don’t have experience with pressure washing, it’s best to hire a professional, someone who is trained to execute the task without a hitch. So don’t continue to scrub your life’s surfaces until your fingers prune. A better way does exist!