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Getting Your Pool Summer Ready

Summer time is fast approaching. The warm weather will definitely convince you to bring out the swimming trunks, a refreshing drink and some much needed time by the pool. Before you dip your feet though, you must ensure that your pool is in fact summer ready. Taking the time to properly maintain your pool for the season will not only guarantee a clean pool, but plenty of positive experiences and memories as well. Read along to learn some ways that will help get your pool ready for the warm season.

Skim Your Pool

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your pool free of leaves and other elements is to regularly skim it. Invest in a skimming net to help keep your pool clean and free of debris. By making this a regular task, you are preventing any debris from sinking to the bottom of the pool. Your skimming net will help you remove any big items that a pool vacuum won’t be able to get.

Chemical Levels

This is a very important step. Chemical levels need to be at the right amount before you’re able to dive into your pool. Your pools water and chemical levels tend to change through the seasons which is why it’s important to check them. You can find pH strips at your local pool store. These strips will indicate if your pool is too acidic or alkaline meaning it is unsafe for you to use your pool until your chemical levels are fixed as the water can carry harmful bacteria that makes it unsafe for people to swim in.

Have Your Pool Serviced by Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC.  

The tips listed above are only a few of the things that you can do to get your pool ready for the summer. If you find yourself with a bigger problem that needs attention from an experienced professional, enlist the services of Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC. Our experienced team has years of knowledge and can help get your pool ready for the summer.

Maintaining your pool year round can be a difficult task, but well worth it! It is not easy, and sometime you will find yourself dealing with bigger issues. When this happens, let the professionals handle it for you. Learn about our pool servicing options on our website.

Professional Pool Cleaning Perks

If you own a pool, odds are it’s the main exhibit of your backyard. Whether you like to spend time alone relaxing during your time off or love hosting parties for you and your friends, that pool is going to be your saving grace during the hotter seasons. Of course, a pool takes more than a onetime installation and sporadic cleanings to maintain its appeal. Regular cleanings at the hands of a professional can ensure your pool is primed and ready to go when the weather calls for it most!

Of course, there are a number of different perks that come along with reaching out for regular cleanings from a trained team!


If you care at all about the aesthetic appeal of your backyard, you understand better than most just how much of an eye sore a grimy pool can be. Needless to say, a professional pool cleaning can help cut the grime and add some shine! By not only removing the dirt and substances from the pool’s surface, but also maintaining the pH levels of the water, bacteria loses its ability to spread, allowing for a crystal clear pool sure to be the envy of all of your neighbors. Furthermore, an experienced team can also repair any damaged tiles across the edges and at the bottom of the pool as well, making for a truly comprehensive clean!

Prolonged Lifespan

While its appearance is surely important, there are other functional considerations to keep in mind when maintaining your pool. Regularly planned pool maintenance can also mean having an expert take a look at components of your pool such as its pump and skimmer baskets. Keeping these parts clean and maintained will ensure your pool doesn’t suffer any unexpected breakdowns, leaving you and your guests high and dry during the summer season.

Alleviate Health Risks

If you and your loved ones are going to spend a lot of time submerged in water, you’re surely going to want that water to be clean and pristine. Unfortunately, if your pH levels are out of balance, the skin, eyes, nose, and ears of all those swimming can become irritated and infected. Regularly cleaning your pool and maintaining its pH levels weekly can help you avoid this unnecessary exposure to pool chemicals.


The pool can be a great source for relaxation, stimulating exercise, and fun times with friends! Keep these benefits in mind and look forward to an unforgettable spring or summer with a professionally and routinely maintained pool!