Summer brings a warm and indulgent environment that makes spending time on the patio more enjoyable and far more comfortable. However, outdoor furniture should be soft washed to make the patio inviting and feel top-notch. This will create a striking difference in your outdoor space to make spending time in the fresh air a better experience when sitting on a clean surface. In this month’s blog, we’ve rounded up some tips and information on how soft washing can make your patio a relaxing retreat.

The Best Time to Soft Wash Your Patio Furniture

Often people think that the best time to clean their patio furniture is at the start of spring. Weather variability can cause wear and tear on your furniture, even though it’s meant to be outdoors. That doesn’t mean you have to expose them to the elements all year around. Therefore, we suggest keeping your patio furniture stored inside and clean them around the end of June or the beginning of July.

Before jumping into cleaning, take a look here to have a clear idea about how to prepare the workspace for a smooth process.

What Furniture Can Be Soft Washed and How to Do It

1.     Wooden Furniture

Soft washing wooden patio furniture makes them look new and beautiful. But, if you want to get the job done properly with minimum effort, you have to choose the right type of soft washer. Go for a model that has a variety of settings and adjustable nozzles. This way, the cleaning process will be easier, faster, and most importantly, will help maintain the quality of the wood. Just take a look at how much better yours will look:

2.     Plastic Furniture

You don’t want to invite guests over to lounge on filthy plastic chairs. This type of furniture has a tendency to attract dirt and grime and turns nasty quickly. Therefore, a proper soft washing service can effectively refresh hard-to-clean spots. Thus, your outdoor plastic furniture will shine and rival the summer sun.

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3.     Vinyl or Other Furniture Materials

In order to hit a home run on your very first try, be sure to use some detergent along with a soft washer to make cleaning your furniture easier. Use a delicate low-pressure spray pattern and work your way from the top down. Then, clean the pesky stains by hand in order to remove them properly without damaging the furniture.

A Bonus Trick

Damaging your furniture right after cleaning it and having all your work go down the drain is the last thing you want. This issue can happen if you clean your furniture under the hot sun. Wood, plastic, and vinyl are sensitive materials and need to be dried in the fresh air instead of under direct sunlight. For this, we suggest doing this task in the early morning so you can avoid this dilemma.


Soft washing furniture without damaging it is doable; however, professionals should do it. This includes wooden, plastic, and vinyl furniture. When you need professional soft washing for your outdoor furniture in St Johns, FL, you can depend on Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC. The techniques and equipment we use are second to none. Give us a call at (904) 994-0045 or check out our website to learn more about our services.