The kids get really excited about decorating the house for the holidays at the end of the year, but it is the adults that have to make it happen! All you want to do after work is kick your shoes off and collapse on the sofa to catch up on your television programs. Keep your shoes on and get a list going because this is the time of the year that your household has been waiting for. It is your time to make the house shine with roof outlining Christmas lights and garland wrapped around the porch. Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to help make it fun rather than daunting.

Book a Pressure Washing Appointment

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are at the top of your ladder reaching to get a grip and have dirt from your gutters stick to your hands. Do your house a holiday favor and have it pressure washed before you begin your decorating; it will make even the simplest of decorations seem like the flashiest house on the block because the shine will be coming from the clean look.

Cover the Areas That Require Most Maintenance

  • Make a Santa’s workshop driveway entrance
  • Outline the roof with Christmas lights
  • Wrap garland around your deck

Stressing out over getting the lights to cover your dirty window in a tree shape is not necessary this December. Try to focus on the natural shine of the house after your pressure washing session and cover the areas that won’t stay clean long.

December is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the messiest time. With spontaneous showers and chaotic winds comes leaves stuck in the gutters, pasted on the roof, and mud all over your driveway. With our fun decorating tips, the pressure washing job will last all winter long. There will be no need to keep having to get the ladder out of the garage to adjust your decorations, because you thought ahead and made cleaning a priority for Christmas decorating.


Knowing that you thought ahead and booked a pressure washing appointment as well as strategized the decorating process will kick the holidays off to a great start! You just sit back and catch up on your television programs, have your house pressure washed, and don’t put your boots back on until it’s all clean and ready for decorations.