For home owners, the most common problem is the upkeep of gutters, roofs, and other parts of the home that are hard to clean. Luckily for you, the hardships of clearing away debris and dirt can be taken care of by scheduling a pressure washing service. With professional pressure washing equipment, the high-pressured water (with a combination of other chemicals), can prevent build-up of mold and other harmful particles that may be affecting the exterior of your home. Keep reading to find out how pressure washing can increase your home’s value and save you tons of money in the future!

Prevent Mold and Build-Up

One of the key benefits of pressure washing is removing harmful material from the exterior of your home. Over time, siding and shingles can become host to a variety of harmful growths such as algae, mold, and mildew. In all exterior surfaces, but especially materials such as limestone shingles, the buildup can cause damage when left untreated.
(Did you know: mold is the leading cause of roof decay!)
Regular washing can extend the life of your siding and roofing, saving you costly repairs and replacements down the line. The National Association of Realtors claims that a pressure wash can add $10,000-$15,000 value to your home, should you decide to sell. This simple routine maintenance can net you significant gains on the housing market.

Keep Gutters Functional

When your gutters become clogged with dirt and debris, water cannot flow away from your home; this may cause problems with the exterior of your walls, as the water saturates the outside over time. If water is affecting your walls, the overall integrity of your home could possibly be in danger, but don’t fret!

With a little preventative treatment, you can potentially save yourself from numerous problems- such as damaged door trimmings and leaky basements. Better to save yourself the headache and potentially thousands of dollars with a pressure washing cleaning!

Identify Maintenance Needs

When your home is treated with pressure washing, it may help you identify and get ahead of maintenance issues before they become big problems. Cleaning away dirt and debris from your home may expose a number of unknown areas for improvement.

By power washing the house, you can take note of any loose, cracked, or missing siding as well. Fixing issues that may be uncovered during a pressure wash can help maintain the exterior integrity of your home and prevent further structural damage. Ensure your home is free of rot, decay, and premature aging by treating it to a routine clean!


All in all, pressure washing can be a preventative measure to keep your home exterior clean and maintain your home’s value for years to come. With a simple maintenance cleaning, your roof, shingles, gutters, and more can be free from debris and other particles which build up over time. In addition, it can increase the value of any home, especially if you ever decide to sell.

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