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Rust Removal: Soft Washing Service

            Water plays a significant role in rust development because it is the primary catalyst penetrating the cracks and pits of steel and iron structures. When a house is experiencing rust, it could decrease the property’s value and create a toxic environment for the people living there. Also, removing rust can be severely dangerous because there may be threats that are not visible. In this blog, we will talk about a few reasons to hire a professional to take care of rust.

  1. D.I.Y Is Risky

Many people try to remove rust around their homes by sanding or grinding down the rusted material such as metal, wood, or stone. Employees need to wear the right equipment or gear to reduce any risks. Airborne rust and metals can be inhaled, which is toxic. Also, there can be sharp edges that can deeply cut a person.

  • Preserve Material

Soft washing is an adjusted technique preserving the material covered with rust as much as possible.  When a house owner is cutting away, grinding, or chemically removing the rust, it can damage the rusty material. Soft washing uses soaps and pressured heated water to scrub out the damage without leaving damage behind.

  • Soft Washing Cleans Everything

Soft washing is not just for removing rust. It can wash away dirt, graffiti, organic materials, and more. The cleaning process can manifest more than rust stains and save money cleaning the surface of all colors.

  • Chemical-Free

Soft washing companies can clean the exterior of a house without harmful cleaning chemicals. The toxic solutions can damage the environment, residents, and more. Using soft washing can protect everyone and everything while doing the job efficiently.

  • Clean Property

Soft washing can tackle many stains, and hiring a professional will ensure cleanliness in all exterior services. Companies usually do one service at one time, so the job is done quickly and professionally.  

Last Thoughts

Rust can make a house look dreadful, and it can be dangerous for a homeowner to clean it themselves. It is best to hire a professional washing company to reduce damages to everything and everyone around the property. If you need a soft washing company, you can count on Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC to clean the rust off your property. Set an appointment with us on our website.

How Professional Roof Cleaning Offers Huge Benefits

When it comes to the upkeep of your home, one of the most neglected areas happens to be the roof. Maybe you just assume any rain will wash away any rubbish, sort of like when you think driving in the rain will keep your car clean.

But just like when the rain washes off and all that dirt on your car remains, this is not the right solution. Not only that, but if you fail to clean your roof, bacteria, moss, or algae may start to grow on it, shortening the lifespan of your roof as they eat their way through the shingles.

What you’re left with is a blemished roof that the entire neighborhood can see which will reflect back on your as a homeowner. This is one of the major reasons why curb appeal is such a large factor when looking at how to improve the resale value of one’s residence, and why a professional roof cleaning service is in your best interests!

How Dark Stains on the Roof Impact Your Home

Have you started to notice dark stains appearing on your roof? As we talked about before, this can really diminish the beauty of what would otherwise be a beautiful home and everything that surrounds it. These blotches are actually organisms that can grow on your roof, take root in the shingles, and negatively impact its look and function.

Since the shingles lose their protective sheens, your roof’s lifespan can be shortened greatly depending on how long the bacteria thrive there. You may also experience higher utility bills; the darkened effect caused by roof stains can trap any excess heat under the roof by as much as 25 degrees, making the occupants feel compelled to crank the air conditioner.

Professional Roof Cleaning Is the Solution

Fortunately, you will be able to take care of this problem without having to endure any damage to the roof’s integrity. Not only is a professional roof cleaning service fast and safe, but it’s also a very affordable way to get the outcome you desire!

With the help of a certified specialist, they will be able to wipe away all those bacteria and algae stains and restore your roof back to its original condition. Through the use of commercial-grade products, your roof will be cleaned away without causing any harm to come to it.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a home that will go through a dramatic improvement in beauty and functionality. Find out for yourself by contacting a professional roof cleaning service today!