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The Benefits of Soft Washing

In the exterior cleaning industry, there are a variety of techniques used to remove natural elements and debris from the exterior of a building or a home. One of the most popular solutions is pressure washing, this standard practice can be very labor intensive and often creates a problem when cleaning hard to reach areas and can create more damage if not handled properly. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing is an exterior cleaning method, which uses low-pressure stream combined with special solutions, for an easy removal of bacteria, mildew, and algae from a home’s exterior and roof.  Read along as we dive into a few benefits of this soft technique!


Soft washing is an eco-friendly option that keeps your home and environment safe, without sacrificing cleanliness. Soft washing uses a biodegradable solution that destroys organism and their offspring at their root.  Other exterior cleaning technique can use harsh chemicals that can damage the exterior of your home and harm the environment surrounding your home.

Money Saver

When it comes to cleaning a roof, the higher the pressure of the water used, the higher the possibility of your roof being damaged. By opting for a soft wash, you are expanding your roof’s lifespan, and therefore saving money on costly roof repairs.

Curb Appeal

Our homes go through several months of rough weather conditions. The buildup of debris and dirt starts taking a toll on the overall appearance of our home’s exterior and if left unattended can affect the look of your home. A soft washing service can help keep your home’s features and fixtures looking their best. It will clean off dirt, and any bacteria and contaminants will be killed in the process.

Call the Professionals

As you have read, there are many benefits to soft washing, which is why encourage you to try it today!

Not only is this option safe for the environment and your home, it will keep your home looking its best without any possible damages.

Get your property soft washed by our team of professionals who are experienced in a variety of exterior cleaning techniques. Learn about our services and us by visiting us online!

Pressure Washing Tips for the Fall Season

There will come a time where you will need helpful tools to assist you in preparing your home for winter throughout the fall season. When that time comes, pressure washers should be one of the first tools that comes to mind. Though we know it probably isn’t, you would be surprised to find out just how much it can actually help you prepare your home for the inevitable winter that is on its way. The winter months can be quite tough on the exterior of your home and you want to be as prepared as possible. Read on and find some helpful tips on how to prepare for winter with a professional pressure washing.

Keep Your Windows in Pristine Condition

If you are anything like the average homeowner, your windows have probably accumulated quite a bit of dust, grime, and cobwebs over the past year. With the deep frost and ice that comes along with the winter, it is incredibly important to make sure the grime is clean before it gets trapped underneath, causing permanent damage. The best way to ensure that your windows get the clean that they desperately need is to have a professional come in and give them a quality pressure wash.

Keep Your Deck Looking its Best

While you may think it is unimportant to give your deck a once over by a professional power washing crew, you may be surprised. Though you may think it is unimportant, you are going to need to put it at the top of your list. Before the cold winter arrives, you always want to make sure your deck is clear of any mold or grime that will only get worse as the moisture from the rain and ice increases and saturates your deck. A professional power washing will surely do the trick.

Keep Your Gutters Clean and Pristine

Your preparation for winter is not complete until you give your gutters a thorough cleaning. Once fall has completed, your gutters will have gotten filled with debris such as leaves, branches, rodents, and gunk. If you do not handle this issue before the winter rains begin, the cleaning will become increasingly difficult. Let the professionals make this process simple for you with the right pressure washer and gutter cleaner and avoid the headache.

Regardless of how you get your home ready for the winter, you should always have a trusted pressure washer by your side. Here at Oceanside Pressure Washing And Roof Cleaning LLC we have the years of experience necessary to exceed your expectations!

When and Why Should You Wash Your Driveway?

From enticing guests and visitors to improving property values, a clean and proper home exterior can provide a number of different benefits. There’s a reason real estate professionals focus so heavily on curb appeal after all! Of course, when it comes to your home’s exterior, there’s more to consider than just your outer walls. Your driveway, for example, makes up quite a bit of your home’s outermost appearance!

Naturally, your driveway is going to need some special attention in order to shine like the rest of your home. That’s where pressure washing can make quite the difference! But what exactly sets apart pressurized cleaning from the much simpler process of hosing down your lot?

Why Pressure Wash?

Day after day, our driveways are left vulnerable to a myriad of different kinds of dirt, debris, oils, and grime. And while sweeping and hitting your lot with a hose can surely help, it’s by no means an end-all fix. This is because the grime that graces our properties’ presence is slightly acidic, resulting in microscopic cracks on the surface of your lot that are near impossible to treat with household items alone. And even more unfortunately, the chemicals that usually help alleviate these deeply penetrating substances can usually discolor or warp your driveway’s asphalt.

Pressure washing, on the other hand, applies all of the strength your driveway needs without resorting to harmful chemicals. This means a clean that penetrates into those microscopic cracks and tears away years of pressed in dirt and algae in a matter of minutes without jeopardizing your exterior’s appearance!

When Should You Pressure Wash?

While a pressure washing is never really a bad idea, there are certain opportunities that, if taken advantage of, can see more of a return on your investment. If you plan on selling your home, to make an example, pressure washing your driveway before hosting your open houses can entice more buyers to pay a visit.

Spring can also be a perfect opportunity for those looking to keep their home protected during the season where algae and mold growth is more common and widespread.


It’s no surprise that cleaning your home is a smart way of increasing your home’s appeal and inherent worth. However, with the right timing and strategy, even a simple clean can net you quite a number of extra worthwhile benefits!