Pressure washing is an effective tool, but using it on the wrong things can lead to irreversible damage. Yes, your goal is to save time and effort, but without proper knowledge about what you should and shouldn’t pressure wash, you might have to add on to that time and effort, along with costs. That’s why we’re going to give you the details on what passes as safe to pressure wash and what to avoid in our blog.


Do clean the deck. Many decks are made from South American hardwoods, which can hold their own against a blast of hot water. We recommend holding the nozzle at a fair distance from the wood because, while they may be pressure-treated, the blast can still cause etchings or markings.


Don’t pressure wash the roof. The blowback could throw you off balance if you’re perched on a ladder; you could hurt yourself. This is a job for professionals. It’s also important to note that roof or asphalt shingles will be stripped away. An alternative to cleaning would be to spray down the roof with a cleaner which kills mold and moss.


Do clean your gutters. Now you might be wondering, why are gutters okay but not the roof? With pressure washers, you can attach a hook-like tube to the nozzle and raise it over the gutters as you’re standing on the ground (imagine a cane). This is safer and still gets to the deepest parts of the gutters.


Do pressure wash your driveway. Because it’s concrete, it can withstand the pressure; the same goes for walkways or sidewalks. We suggest using a finer nozzle for grease stains, but lower pressure for moldy cement.


Don’t clean your car with a pressure washer. While you might’ve seen people use one for their vehicles, the effects from this cleaning method are harmful. Why? The paint could potentially rust. Save yourself the time and effort with a drive-thru car wash!


Picking up a pressure washer is easy, but it’s always better to handle a task with a bit of knowledge. We highly encourage you to contact a professional pressure washing company that will get the job done and produce satisfying results. Don’t give yourself more work than you need to – practice smart cleaning habits!