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Why Rain Isn’t Enough to Wash Your Windows and Gutters

Most of us hope that an upcoming rainstorm will clean our home’s windows, gutters, and driveways, but at the end of the day, we all will be disappointed. Shouldn’t a shower of water do the trick? Well, not exactly. The rain, in fact, will leave home surfaces looking worse than before. Indeed, the rain will wash away some of the grime, but it will leave the same debris on our homes. In this month’s blog, we will explain why and what the best solution is.

The Rain Doesn’t Contain Cleaning Agents

Rain is simply not a thing you can rely on for your cleaning tasks. Some public and commercial areas require more than rainwater to be clean due to high traffic rates. For instance, it’s common to see oil stains on roads and driveways, and after the rain, you may see iridescent puddles instead of it being washed away. This shows that rain is inutile to clean some stains. 

Not Enough Pressure

Even the heaviest rainstorm doesn’t have the required pressure to remove the grime from your gutters and windows. Rain, with the accompaniment of wind, will only bring and lift up dirt and leave it on your home’s exterior. Simply put, rain cannot provide the right amount of pressure needed to clean surfaces properly. It’s also very common to see water spots left behind on your windows and other surfaces.

Your Environment

The environment is another factor that is worth mentioning. From dust storms to muddy conditions, rainfall can pick up all that dust and dirt and make your exterior surfaces dirtier. Rain also contains pollutants and other contaminants, so it’s not exactly clean water that your property is bring showered in.

What’s The Solution Then?

Go no further than soft washing! Soft washing will take care of all the above needs that you won’t find with the rain. Furthermore, soft washing goes way beyond making your home cleaner. It protects your personal health and safety, and it’s doable during winter months if you’re wondering if it is possible to soft wash in the rain.

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There is one major point to learn from this blog: rain isn’t a substitute for soft washing. Letting the rain do the washing will only make things worse. Don’t leave it to the rain and rely on Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC. We have cleaned numerous properties, both residential and commercial, and have left all of our clients satisfied with our work. Learn more about what we do by visiting our website or by calling (904) 994-0045.

Soft Wash Your Home before Your Halloween Party

With October in full swing, people start preparing themselves for many upcoming holidays. However, the most celebrated occasion during this month is Halloween. You want everything to be perfect and host your guests in a clean environment. So how do you make everything sparkle and shine before family and friends visit? Our professionals suggest starting soft washing your home now because Halloween will creep up on you in no time. The following soft washing tips will ensure you have a clean and relaxed Halloween event.

A Summer After-Party Clean Up

Although the summer weather allowed us to have a few meals outside, it’s time to think about the big cleaning that marks the end of the summer. If your driveways and walkways have been a host to fabulous BBQ and pool parties, then a thorough cleaning is due to prepare for the next season. Now is the time for a summer after-party clean up. To keep your home in clean and pristine condition, we recommend a professional soft washing service.

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Bring a Ghostly Atmosphere into Your Patio

With the autumn wind blowing the sheets, your guests will believe that there are real ghosts on your patio. In addition, to reinforce the image of terror, you need to hang these white sheets (ghosts) on spotless trees or hide them beneath clean patio furniture. A soft washing service will put you at ease and ensure you a spotless patio ready for an epic Halloween party. Besides that, soft washing your furniture without damaging it is possible, and it’s completely safe for cleaning your patio.


Your Halloween party should held in a clean environment, especially if you want to impress your guests. For a professional soft washing service to help you start preparing your front and back yard, call Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC. To schedule a service before Halloween, click here or call our team at (904) 994-0045.

Best Way to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

It’s only natural for outdoor furniture to accumulate dirt, stains, and bugs over time. With summer still in full swing it’s not too late to wash it all away so that your outside space feels more relaxing and inviting. Follow along below as we reveal the best way to clean your outdoor furniture.


Before we can jump into cleaning, we have to prepare a workspace and gather some essential tools. You will need plenty of outdoor space to work with and should cover anything nearby that can’t get wet. The tools you will need  are:

  1. Pressure Washer
  2. Bucket Filled With Warm Water
  3. Heavy Duty Fabric Cleaner (depending on the cushion’s material)

Strip the furniture of its cushions and strip the cushions of their covers. Allow the covers to soak in the bucket of warm water while you proceed to the next step.

Pressure Wash

If you have the tools and experience needed to work with a pressure washer then continue reading, if not pause here and hire a professional.

If you decide to do this step yourself, first start by bringing the furniture into the workspace and tipping it over so that its legs are pointed to the sky, if possible. Turn the pressure washer on and from a few feet away begin spraying the furniture down from the top (legs) down. Flip it right side up and again spray it down from the top down. Repeat as needed and allow everything to air dry afterward.


Remove the cushion covers from the bucket and gently wring out the water. If they are heavily soiled you may want to repeat the soaking process once or twice more and use the heavy duty fabric cleaner to help with stubborn spots and stains. Let the cushion covers to air dry afterward as well, but always be sure to double check the label for specific instructions.


Keeping your favorite outdoor hangout space clean doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming when working with the right tools. The team at Oceantime Pressure Washing LLC will help you clean the outside of your home for a great rate, call us today!

Frequently Asked Power Washing Questions

When it comes to the subject of power washing, most of us have heard of it but don’t quite know about the details behind it. Whether you need it yourself or are merely just curious about what it is, there are a lot of common questions that come up on the topic of professional power washing. In the following post, you can find the most frequently asked questions about power washing and find out the answers behind them.

What is Power Washing? :

The most frequently asked question is one that most people could probably guess, because understanding what power washing is in general is relatively important when it comes to deciding if it serves your needs. Power washing is the use of a high powered stream of hot water to remove stains or thick dirt in many outdoor settings. It successfully washes away everything from salt, mildew and mold from any surface.

When is it Smart to Use? :

There are many different instances that usually call for a power wash to ensure a difficult stain or buildup gets cleaned. Grease stains of any kind in driveways or garages are best cleaned by a solid power wash, along with mold or mildew buildup on outdoor patios and decks, which is important to guarantee health standards. In terms of public works, power washing is often used to remove chewing gum and trash stuck on public sidewalks in order to maintain public cleanliness.

How Does it Differ from Standard Washing? :

Whether it is hand washing or regular hose washing at normal pressure, there is just nothing that quite compares to power washing in terms of effectiveness and reliability. The standard pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure generated by a standard hose is between 40-60; by comparison, a standard power washer generates between 1,300-1,700 PSI, which speaks for itself as to how much more effective a good power cleaning can truly be.


Regardless of what your needs may be when it comes to cleaning anything from your patio to your deck or garage, there is nothing that quite compares to a power washer to get the job done right. Now that these basic questions are answered, the professionals over at Oceantime Pressure Washing are excited to come and provide you with the amazing results that only a great power washer can provide.

Pressure Washing Tips for the Fall Season

There will come a time where you will need helpful tools to assist you in preparing your home for winter throughout the fall season. When that time comes, pressure washers should be one of the first tools that comes to mind. Though we know it probably isn’t, you would be surprised to find out just how much it can actually help you prepare your home for the inevitable winter that is on its way. The winter months can be quite tough on the exterior of your home and you want to be as prepared as possible. Read on and find some helpful tips on how to prepare for winter with a professional pressure washing.

Keep Your Windows in Pristine Condition

If you are anything like the average homeowner, your windows have probably accumulated quite a bit of dust, grime, and cobwebs over the past year. With the deep frost and ice that comes along with the winter, it is incredibly important to make sure the grime is clean before it gets trapped underneath, causing permanent damage. The best way to ensure that your windows get the clean that they desperately need is to have a professional come in and give them a quality pressure wash.

Keep Your Deck Looking its Best

While you may think it is unimportant to give your deck a once over by a professional power washing crew, you may be surprised. Though you may think it is unimportant, you are going to need to put it at the top of your list. Before the cold winter arrives, you always want to make sure your deck is clear of any mold or grime that will only get worse as the moisture from the rain and ice increases and saturates your deck. A professional power washing will surely do the trick.

Keep Your Gutters Clean and Pristine

Your preparation for winter is not complete until you give your gutters a thorough cleaning. Once fall has completed, your gutters will have gotten filled with debris such as leaves, branches, rodents, and gunk. If you do not handle this issue before the winter rains begin, the cleaning will become increasingly difficult. Let the professionals make this process simple for you with the right pressure washer and gutter cleaner and avoid the headache.

Regardless of how you get your home ready for the winter, you should always have a trusted pressure washer by your side. Here at Oceanside Pressure Washing And Roof Cleaning LLC we have the years of experience necessary to exceed your expectations!

How Professional Roof Cleaning Offers Huge Benefits

When it comes to the upkeep of your home, one of the most neglected areas happens to be the roof. Maybe you just assume any rain will wash away any rubbish, sort of like when you think driving in the rain will keep your car clean.

But just like when the rain washes off and all that dirt on your car remains, this is not the right solution. Not only that, but if you fail to clean your roof, bacteria, moss, or algae may start to grow on it, shortening the lifespan of your roof as they eat their way through the shingles.

What you’re left with is a blemished roof that the entire neighborhood can see which will reflect back on your as a homeowner. This is one of the major reasons why curb appeal is such a large factor when looking at how to improve the resale value of one’s residence, and why a professional roof cleaning service is in your best interests!

How Dark Stains on the Roof Impact Your Home

Have you started to notice dark stains appearing on your roof? As we talked about before, this can really diminish the beauty of what would otherwise be a beautiful home and everything that surrounds it. These blotches are actually organisms that can grow on your roof, take root in the shingles, and negatively impact its look and function.

Since the shingles lose their protective sheens, your roof’s lifespan can be shortened greatly depending on how long the bacteria thrive there. You may also experience higher utility bills; the darkened effect caused by roof stains can trap any excess heat under the roof by as much as 25 degrees, making the occupants feel compelled to crank the air conditioner.

Professional Roof Cleaning Is the Solution

Fortunately, you will be able to take care of this problem without having to endure any damage to the roof’s integrity. Not only is a professional roof cleaning service fast and safe, but it’s also a very affordable way to get the outcome you desire!

With the help of a certified specialist, they will be able to wipe away all those bacteria and algae stains and restore your roof back to its original condition. Through the use of commercial-grade products, your roof will be cleaned away without causing any harm to come to it.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a home that will go through a dramatic improvement in beauty and functionality. Find out for yourself by contacting a professional roof cleaning service today!

Why Commercial Pressure Washing is Vital

Business owners have it hard enough trying to manage their employees and their customer base. It’s another matter entirely when the office they operate in starts to become a haven for dirt, mildew and even mold. This can leave not only your company at risk but those who decide to do business with you. Who wants to work with someone who can’t even keep the place tidy when they arrive?


Whether it’s for commercial buildings or multi-family complexes, it’s crucial that you ensure the property you hold ownership of constantly looking its best. The same goes for property managers – you want to be able to attract the best tenants and not scare them away at the first sight of the place. This is where routine commercial pressure washing can do you a whole lot of good, and there are several benefits worth sharing!


Commercial Pressure Washing Prevents the Build-up of Mold

As we mentioned before, one of the bigger safety hazards facing these structures (especially ones that are exposed to nature’s elements) is the threat of mildew and mold. This can start to develop on the siding of the building, harming not only the aesthetic appeal of the structure but create an awful aroma that is difficult to disguise.

Fortunately, having a professional to perform a commercial pressure washing service can do a world of good in ridding you of this nuisance and drastically improve the beauty of the building!

Commercial Pressure Washing Restores the Roof’s Appearance

If your roof is starting to look a little worn, you or the commercial property owner may feel like you are forced in a way to replace the entire roof. In many cases, that couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, a lot of good can simply come from having a professional commercial pressure washing service performed! You will be able to restore the condition of the roof while extending its lifespan!

Commercial Pressure Washing Protects the Landscape and the Environment

Perhaps you don’t feel inclined to hire someone to perform a pressure washing service on your office building. Maybe you’d figure you can just take a trip over to the nearest hardware store and pick up some store-bought chemicals and give it a go yourself.

In actuality, attempting to clean a building on your own is not a recommended option. You may not know what cleaners to use, and worse yet, you may inadvertently allow any leftover chemicals soak into the landscape. This can be incredibly damaging to the surrounding vegetation, and considering how important a lawn can be, a professional knows to take special precautions on every job.

Commercial Pressure Washing Delivers a Clean and Impressive Finish

If you think your typical garden hose is going to properly clean a building, think again. You’ll end up using a ton of water while also missing those hard to reach areas. Not only that, you may leave streaks all over the property which can make your building appear worse depending on the quality of the water you’re using.

An expert knows how to properly rinse a building off at the end of a job to leave everything looking immaculate. This, in turn, will go a long way in presenting a great first impression to your customers or interested tenants, which can overall improve your profit potential!

You should always feel confident that your property is presentable at any given moment. To learn more about how commercial pressure washing can benefit your property, be sure to get in touch with a qualified professional who will be able to answer any questions you may have including offering an estimate for their work. It may become one of the smartest business decisions you end up making!