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Can You Pressure Wash in the Rain?

Pressure Washing in the Rain

You scheduled a cleaning service with the local pressure washing company, but when the day comes around, it’s raining! What should you do now? Before you call to cancel your appointment, read this blog post for more information.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in the Rain

The answer to your question is… yes! You definitely can pressure wash in the rain. Pressure washing in light to medium rain offers two main benefits that speed up and improve the process.

Soap scum, soap circles on a window
  1. Rain Keeps Detergents from Drying: On hot days, the sun evaporates the water and detergent mix, leaving soap circles and stains on windows and other exterior surfaces. While professional pressure washers are trained to handle this, it is much easier for them when it rains. Since the detergent doesn’t dry up, an extra rinsing isn’t necessary, making the process much quicker.
  • Rain Allows for Greater Visibility: The sun causes glares and harsh shadows that make it difficult to see and can harm the eyes. Overcast skies eliminate these conditions, which helps washers clearly see the areas they need to clean. Many contractors prefer to work during rainy or overcast days because they don’t have to deal with eye strain and other visibility issues.

Weather Limitations

Light to medium levels of rain can make pressure washing easier and more efficient, but anything beyond that can impede the process and cause safety hazards. Heavy rains and torrential downpours can damage the equipment, while hail, snow, tornadoes, and other severe weather conditions are obviously a no-go. Thunder and lightning pose life-threatening risks for pressure washers who stand on top of buildings.

When there is a storm, many pressure washing teams will wait it out in their truck to see if it subsides. If the storm doesn’t let up, they will leave and you will have to reschedule your cleaning service.

A man pressure washing on a roof

Leave it to the Professionals

Many people who own pressure washing machines prefer to do the job themselves. However, the average, inexperienced person should never pressure wash in the rain, as it can threaten your safety. Surfaces are wet, so there is always a risk of a slip and fall accident. Also, mixing electrical equipment with rain is never a good idea. If it is raining, store your pressure washing machine in a dry, indoor location.

Call on a professional instead – pressure washing contractors undergo extensive training to learn how to handle various weather conditions. They adjust their safety measures based on the weather to ensure that everything stays safe while your home gets cleaned. For example, most pressure washers will keep their equipment inside their work trucks as they are working, so that the equipment doesn’t get damaged by the downpour.

A man in a blue rain suit pressure washing in the rain


With the rainy season always around the corner, you don’t always have to cancel your pressure washing appointment. At Oceanside Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, we are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who can clean your house anytime. The rain can’t stop us!

When and Why Should You Wash Your Driveway?

From enticing guests and visitors to improving property values, a clean and proper home exterior can provide a number of different benefits. There’s a reason real estate professionals focus so heavily on curb appeal after all! Of course, when it comes to your home’s exterior, there’s more to consider than just your outer walls. Your driveway, for example, makes up quite a bit of your home’s outermost appearance!

Naturally, your driveway is going to need some special attention in order to shine like the rest of your home. That’s where pressure washing can make quite the difference! But what exactly sets apart pressurized cleaning from the much simpler process of hosing down your lot?

Why Pressure Wash?

Day after day, our driveways are left vulnerable to a myriad of different kinds of dirt, debris, oils, and grime. And while sweeping and hitting your lot with a hose can surely help, it’s by no means an end-all fix. This is because the grime that graces our properties’ presence is slightly acidic, resulting in microscopic cracks on the surface of your lot that are near impossible to treat with household items alone. And even more unfortunately, the chemicals that usually help alleviate these deeply penetrating substances can usually discolor or warp your driveway’s asphalt.

Pressure washing, on the other hand, applies all of the strength your driveway needs without resorting to harmful chemicals. This means a clean that penetrates into those microscopic cracks and tears away years of pressed in dirt and algae in a matter of minutes without jeopardizing your exterior’s appearance!

When Should You Pressure Wash?

While a pressure washing is never really a bad idea, there are certain opportunities that, if taken advantage of, can see more of a return on your investment. If you plan on selling your home, to make an example, pressure washing your driveway before hosting your open houses can entice more buyers to pay a visit.

Spring can also be a perfect opportunity for those looking to keep their home protected during the season where algae and mold growth is more common and widespread.


It’s no surprise that cleaning your home is a smart way of increasing your home’s appeal and inherent worth. However, with the right timing and strategy, even a simple clean can net you quite a number of extra worthwhile benefits!